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Fig. 3. Characterization of Na+ channel property in the steady-state activation and inactivation. (A) Representative traces of voltage dependence of inactivation. The protocol is shown in left panel. (B) Voltage dependence of activation and inactivation and window current. The window current refers to the expanded segment of the overlapping region between the activation and inactivation of both the WT and p.A385T/R504T channels. (C) Time constant of recovery from inactivation to A385T/R504T was elicited with a double pulse protocol. (D) The relationship between P2/P1 and the inter-pulse interval was graphed, with curves representing double-exponential functions. The fast and slow time constants were estimated from the plotted double-exponential functions. WT, wild type; N.S, not significant.
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2024;28:313-322
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