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Fig. 7. Dissociation between the excitatory and inhibitory responses of spontaneous firing to glutamate in the PDCs of DA neurons. (A) Schematic drawing of glutamate signals in the DA neuron. Glutamate evoked two distinct changes in spontaneous firing and cytosolic Ca2+ levels. (B, C) In a spontaneously firing dissociated DA neuron, local glutamate uncaging was serially performed along a dendrite. Firing traces are presented according to the numbers of the marked photolysis sites and their order. Glutamate induced-firing enhancements are marked as red areas, and firing inhibitions are marked as blue areas. Bottom, expansion of firing traces in the red areas. (D) Glutamate-induced excitatory (maximum frequency, red) and inhibitory firing responses (duration of firing pause, blue) are plotted against the distance from the soma (n = 8). PDCs, proximal dendritic compartments; DA, dopamine.
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2024;28:165-181
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