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Fig. 2. Comparison of the AIS between midbrain slices and dissociated DA neurons. (A) AISs were identified in the DA neurons in the midbrain slices using two-photon confocal imaging and a terminal retraction ball formed during slice preparation. Bottom, the simplified structure of a DA neuron that includes a thin axon and multiple dendrites is reconstructed from the upper fluorescence image. (B) Immunocytochemistry of TH (red; Alexa 647) and ankyrin G (green; Qdot 488) in a SNc brain slice and dissociated DA neurons. The AISs of one DA neuron marked as ʻaʼ in the slice and a dissociated neuron are marked by white triangles. (C) Significant loss of AIS in dissociated DA neurons. AIS loss in 62.5% (5/8 cells) and decreased AIS in 37.5% (3/8 cells). (D) Average AIS length in the dissociated DA neurons decreased significantly after dissociation procedures, as shown by comparing them with DA neurons in the slices (AIS lengths of DA neurons in slices, 35.20 ± 2.26 µm, n = 15; in dissociated DA neurons, 11.70 ± 3.64 µm, n = 8). AIS, axon initial segment; DA, dopamine; TH, tyrosine hydroxylase; SNc, substantia nigra pars compacta.
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2024;28:165-181
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