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Fig. 4. SO2 reduces hyperthyroidism apoptosis in rat cardiomyocytes. (A–D) TEM results of myocardial tissues of rats in control group, L-Thy group, L-Thy + SO2 group, and L-Thy + SO2 + HDX group, respectively (red arrow: mitochondria; ×7,000). Scale bar = 0.5 μM. (E–I) Western-Blot results for changes in expressions of BAX, Bcl2, Caspase3, and Caspase9 in myocardial tissues (n = 3). *, #, and & meant p < 0.05 vs. the values in the control, L-Thy, and L-Thy + SO2 groups, respectively. TEM, transmission electron microscopy; L-Thy, levothyroxine; SO2, sulfur dioxide; HDX, hydrogen deuterium exchange.
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