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Fig. 4. Sweroside regulates SIRT1/NF-kB signaling pathway in HG-induced HK-2 cells.
(A) SIRT1 protein level in HK-2 cells under HG condition was examined by Western blot. (B) Ac-p65, p65, and β-actin protein expression were detected by Western blot. Values are presented as mean ± SD. SW, sweroside; HK-2 cells, human renal tubular epithelial cell; HG, high glucose; Ctrl, control; SIRT1, silent information regulator 2 homolog 1. ***p < 0.001, compared with the Ctrl group; NSp > 0.05, ###p < 0.001, compared with the HG group.
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2023;27:533-540
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