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Fig. 1. Identification of expression differences between tumor and normal tissue. (A-C) Volcano plot of the differential mRNA expression analysis. X-axis: log2 fold change; Y-axis: –log10 (FDR p-value) for each probes; Vertical dotted lines: fold change > 1 or < –1; Horizontal dotted line: the significant cutoff (FDR p-value = 0.05). (A) There were 2,974 genes identified to be differentially expressed in GSE21422, including 1,344 up-regulated and 1,630 down-regulated genes. (B) 2,571 genes (1,195 up-regulated and 1,376 down-regulated genes) differentially expressed in GSE65635. (C) 3,442 genes (1,594 up-regulated and 1,848 down-regulated genes) differentially expressed in GSE140797. (D) A total of 125 genes were significantly differentially expressed in the three GEO datasets. (E, F) GO and KEGG pathway analysis of significant differetially expressed genes. (E) The top ten significantly enriched GO categories were calculated. Blue: Biological process; Orange: Cellular component; Green: Molecular function. (F) The cellular component was calculated. (G) Gene networks identified through KEGG analysis of the differentially expressed genes. GO, Gene Ontology; KEGG, Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes.
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