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Fig. 4. SO2 inhibits high-glucose-induced apoptosis in cardiac myocytes. (A) Flow cytometry to detect the apoptosis rate of H9c2 cardiomyocytes under high glucose environment (33 mM), Q2 + Q4 represents the incidence of apoptosis, n = 3; (B–F) The expression changes of apoptosis-associated proteins Bax, Bcl2, Caspase3, Cleaved-Caspase3, Caspase9, and Cleaved-Caspase9 in myocardial cells of each group were detected through Western blot. n = 3. Values are presented as mean ± SD. SO2, sulfur dioxide; HG, high glucose. *p < 0.05 vs. Control; #p < 0.05 vs. HG; $p < 0.01 vs. HG + SO2.
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2022;26:541-556
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