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Fig. 5. Tanshinone IIA attenuates cardiomyocyte pyroptosis after CME. (A) The mRNA levels of IL-1β, and IL-18 in the groups (n = 8 for each group). (B) The protein levels caspase-1 p20, GSDMD-N, IL-18, and IL-1β (n = 3 for each group). (C) Representative immunohistochemical pictures of caspase-1 p20 in cardiac tissues. Scale bar = 50 μm. (D) The serum levels of IL-1β and IL-18 markers (n = 8 for each group). The obtained data was revealed as the mean ± SD. CME, coronary microembolization; Tan-L, CME + low-dose Tan IIA (10 mg/kg); Tan-H, CME + high-dose Tan IIA (20 mg/kg). ***p < 0.001 vs. the sham group; ##p < 0.01, ###p < 0.001 vs. the CME group.
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2022;26:335-345
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