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Fig. 1. Systemic injection of adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) ameliorates atopic dermatitis. (A) Schematic illustration of experimental schedule. Atopic dermatitis was induced by subcutaneous injection of capsaicin (50 mg/kg) into newborn rat pups. Four weeks after the treatment, the animals were subjected to evaluation of dermatitis followed by administration of ASCs (1 × 106 cells/10 μl Hartman solution, i.v.), once a week for a month. (B) Amelioration of atopic dermatitis following the four consecutive weekly injection of ASCs. ‘AD’ refers to the control atopic rat, while ‘AD + ASC’ refers to the atopic animals treated with ASCs. The skin lesions were resected from the back of both animals. Scale bar = 200 µm. AD, atopic dermatitis. (C) Changes in dermatitis scores after injection of ASCs. ***p < 0.001, t-test; ###p < 0.001, paired t-test. (D) Serum level of IgE in eight week old rats. **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001, one-way ANOVA. (E) Increase in IFN-γ+/IL-4+ cell ratio after injection of ASCs in eight week old rats. ** p <0.01, t-test. (F) Populations of total CD163+ cells among the experimental groups. ***p < 0.001, one-way ANOVA.
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