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Fig. 3. AMPH conditioning lowers GSK3β phosphorylation levels in the NAcc shell. (A) The core (circle) and the shell (rectangular), two sub-regions of the NAcc, are shown. Punches were prepared bilaterally and pooled for each individual animal’s protein isolation. Line drawing is from Paxinos and Watson [39] and depicts the caudal surface of a coronal section (1.0 mm thick) extending 1.70–2.70 mm from bregma. (B) Representative Western blots are shown. Values for the band intensities were first normalized to β-actin and then the average values for the ratio of phosphorylated to total proteins in each group were expressed as group mean + SEM. relative to Control group. Symbols indicate significant differences as revealed by post-hoc Bonferroni comparisons following one-way ANOVA. **p < 0.01, significantly different compared to Control group. Numbers for each group are 15. AMPH, amphetamine; GSK3β, glycogen synthase kinase 3β; NAcc, nucleus accumbens.
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2022;26:59-65
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