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Fig. 4. A representative peri-stimulus time histogram (1-ms bins) of the impulses in a sucrose-best neuron (NST95S) in ethanol (EtOH)-responsive cells. Taste stimuli are a series of EtOH (A) and a mixture of EtOH and 32 mM sucrose (EtOH/Suc) (B). Evoked firings were increased in a dose-dependent manner for the stimulations with EtOH or EtOH/Suc. The stimulation with EtOH/Suc produced larger responses than with EtOH alone. (C) Mean responses (± SE) of 15 nucleus of the solitary tract (NST) gustatory neurons to a series of 6 concentrations of EtOH (open circle) and EtOH/Suc (solid circle) stimulations at room temperature. Stimulus-evoked firings were increased in a dose-dependent manner. Responses to EtOH/Suc stimulation were greater than those to EtOH alone.
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2021;25:603-611
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