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Fig. 3. Effects of vehicle and antagonists on isometric contractions of mouse vas deferens produced by 40 pulses at 10 Hz, expressed as tension in grams. (A) Original recordings of isometric contraction obtained to field stimulation in mouse vas deferens with 40 pulses at 10 Hz. The vertical axis shows tension in grams. The horizontal axis shows time in sec, with stimulation at 10 Hz beginning at time zero and ending at 4 sec. (B–G) The effects of (B) vehicle (veh) (4 additions), (C) BMY7378 (BMY) (10 nM–1 µM), (D) RS100329 (0.1 nM–100 nM), (E) prazosin (praz) (1 nM–1 µM) and (F) RS17053 (100 nM–10 µM) on isometric contractions to field stimulation with 40 pulses at 10 Hz in mouse vas deferens, expressed as absolute tension in grams. In (G) responses in the presence suramin (sur) 100 µM and nifedipine (nif) 100 µM are shown. Values are presented as mean ± SEM from 6 experiments, except for suramin and nifedipine, where n = 5, and RS17053, where n = 4. Statistical tests were carried out on data expressed as a percentage of control (see ).
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2021;25:525-532
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