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Fig. 7. Schematic diagram showing a possible suggestion of the signaling pathways by which melatonin modulates NO-regulated WNK-SPAK/OSR1-CCC signaling during the sleep-wake cycle in rat DRN serotonergic neurons. NO, nitric oxide; WNK, with-no-lysine kinase; SPAK, Ste20-related proline alanine rich kinase; OSR1, oxidative stress response kinase 1; CCC, cation-chloride co-transporters; DRN, dorsal raphe nucleus; nNOS, neuronal nitric oxide synthase; NKCC1, sodium-potassium-chloride co-transporter 1; KCC2, potassium-chloride co-transporter 2.
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2021;25:449-457
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