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Fig. 1. Representative images depicting histological appearance of small intestine tissues after ACF-induced enteropathy. (A) Small intestine section from the normal control group. Small intestine section from (B) ACF treated group (C) ACF + DA-9601 treated group, (D) ACF + ESO treated group, and (E) ACF + ESO + DA-9601 treated group. Multifocal discrete small necrotic ulcers with intervening normal mucosa were observed. Frequent necrotic ulcers through small intestine were also observed, and the degrees of necrotic damage were considered very severe with accompanying intestinal micro perforations with peritonitis (H&E, magnification: ×40 and ×100). ACF, aceclofenac; ESO, esomeprazole.
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2021;25:439-448
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