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Fig. 2. Effect of lutein on histopathological changes in low (250 mg/kg) and high (500 mg/kg) dose vancomycin-induced renal injury in mice (A–F: H&E ×40). In (A, B) thick black arrow: normal glomerulus, thin black arrow: normal renal tubules. (C) Thick black arrow: abnormal dilatation of the renal tubules, thin black arrow: renal tubules filled with leukocytes, blue arrow: infiltration of inflammatory cells in the renal parenchyma. (D) Showing recovery of the parenchyma of the kidney (thick arrow and thin black arrows). (E) Thick black arrow: obliteration of renal tubules filled with necrotic cells, thin black arrow: necrosis of the epithelium of renal tubules. (F) Thick and thin black arrows: showing recovery of the parenchyma of kidney with no observed necrosis of epithial lining of renal tubules.
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2021;25:321-331
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