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Fig. 2. IDH2 gene deficiency accelerated unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO)-induced mitochondrial H2O2 production and lipid peroxidation. IDH2+/+ and IDH2−/− female mice were subjected to either UUO or a sham operation. Kidneys were harvested 5 days after the operation. (A) H2O2 level was measured in the kidney cell mitochondrial fraction. (B) Representative Western blots for HNE and COX IV in the mitochondrial fraction of kidneys. (C) The graph summarizes HNE expression. Data are presented as mean ± SE (n = 3). **p < 0.01 vs. its own sham-operated group; ##p < 0.01 vs. UUO-operated IDH2+/+ group.
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2021;25:139-146
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