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Fig. 1. Study design and effects of gonadectomy on maternal high fructose exposure induced weight gain. We randomly assigned 8-week-old pregnant C57BL/6J mice (F0) to groups provided with drinking water with or without 20% fructose over the course of the pregnancy and lactation periods. After weaning, the pups were fed regular chow. (A) Four-week-old mice were randomly divided into 8 groups and half of those in each group, both male and female, were gonadectomized. The mice were evaluated at 7 months of age. (B, C) Their body weights were measured every week. The graph shows intervals of 4 weeks. (D, E) Body weight in male and female mice at 28 weeks (+p < 0.05, control sham vs. control gonadectomy; *p < 0.05, control sham vs. fructose sham; #p < 0.05 and ##p < 0.01, fructose sham vs. fructose gonadectomy).
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