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Fig. 1. Effects of high fructose intake on body weight and biological parameters. Male Sprague–Dawley rats drank either water (control, n = 6) or water containing 20% fructose (fructose, n = 6) for two weeks. (A) Body weight was monitored for two weeks. High fructose intake promoted weight gain. Food intake, water intake, and urine volume were measured using metabolic cages. (B) High fructose intake did not affect food intake. (C) High fructose intake increased water intake. (D) Urine volume decreased in the fructose group. (E) Water retention increased in the fructose group. Data are presented as mean ± standard error of six rats (*p = 0.05, control vs. fructose).
Korean J Physiol Pharmacol 2020;24:319-328
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