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Fig. 4.

Mdivi-1 inhibits EPCs bioactivities under hypoxic condition.

(A) EPCs were pre-treated with 12.5 µM Mdivi-1 for 24 h. Cells were seeded into the upper chamber with or without hypoxia for an additional 24 h. (B) Mdivi-1 pre-treated and untreated cells were seeded into Matrigel-coated transwell, and were cultured under normoxia or hypoxia for 24 h. Representative image from three independent experiments is shown. (C, D) Migrating (C) and invading cells (D) were quantified using the Image J software. All experiments were performed in at least triplicates. *p<0.05, **p<0.01. (E) EPCs were pretreated with 12.5 µM Mdivi-1 for 24 h, then seeded into Matrigel to induce tube formation under normal or hypoxic conditions. Tube structure was observed at 18 h. (F) Total tube length was measured. All experiments were performed in triplicates. *p<0.05, NS, no significant.

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