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Fig. 2.

Hypoxia-induced mitochondrial fission in EPCs.

(A) Human EPCs were cultured under hypoxia or normoxia for 24 h, and mitochondrial fission was observed using confocal microscopy. TOM20 was used as a mitochondrial marker, and nuclei were stained with DAPI. The white square represents magnification, as shown in the bottom panel. Scale bar=10 µm. (B) Hypoxia time-dependent mitochondrial dynamics-related gene expression was determined via immunoblot. EPCs were incubated under 1% O2 hypoxia or normoxia for the indicated time, and cells were harvested. Total DRP1, pDRP1 (S616), pDRP1 (S637), were used as mitochondrial fission markers, and OPA1, MFN1 were used as the markers of mitochondrial fusion, HIF-1A was used as a hypoxic marker, and β-actin was used for loading control. (C) Quantification of pDRP1 (S637) expression was attenuated during hypoxia. Three independent experiment were performed to statistical analysis. *p<0.05.

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